The Many Facets of a Halloween Adult Costume

If you were to ask what is meant by a Halloween adult costumes, most would respond it is a costume that comes in a size appropriate for an adult. Well, on a baseline level, that is accurate assessment. But, it is not a completely accurate assessment. There is a lot more to an adult Halloween costume than just providing a proper fit. The look, the material and the originality of the design often play a huge role in making the costume special.

During the weeks prior to Halloween, consumers will notice many retail store shelves filled with children’s costumes and novelties. While many of these little get ups are fine for the young ones, simply making them a larger size would not necessarily make a decent adult costume. A costume designed for a nine year old simply does not translate well for an adult because Halloween adult costumes require more sophistication. For example, a child’s witch costume is little more than a few low cost accessories slapped together. A hat, wig, cape, and, perhaps, a funny nose is really all that is required for a children’s version of the costume. For adults, however, such a simplistic design really would not cut it.

Adults are not wearing their costume to go trick or treating. They are wearing the costume to attend a party or, possibly, to appear on stage wearing it. Either way, the costume has to look convincing and properly designed. After all, you wouldn’t attend a formal party in wrinkled casual wear. So, why would you try and make a good impression on others wearing a very cheap Halloween adult costume? You can’t and you shouldn’t, particularly when there are so many excellent adult Halloween costumes available. Again, Halloween adult costumes will not be made out of cheap material. Often, the actual material used in the making of the costume will possess an almost elegant quality. Additionally, the costume will be built to withstand wear and tear. This will be important if you are wearing the costume on stage or for theatrical use. Costumes that would be easily torn would be a major negative in such a scenario. Additionally, Halloween adult costumes will be produced with fine attention to detail. A wig and a mask will not cut it when one needs a quality costume. This is why all costumes of high quality pay particular attention to detail. Masks, in particular, take on a unique aesthetic dimension when attention to detail is present.

When you look at the facial features of a Dracula mask, a werewolf mask, a mad scientist mask, etc you will notice a great deal of work goes into making the mask come alive. This brings out the personality of the creature in the form of pathos, fear, horror, etc. This truly makes the character come alive. Once again, when you dress up for Halloween you want to look impressive. A properly made and expertly designed adult Halloween costume can most definitely deliver in this regard. As one can see, there is much more to Halloween adult costumes than merely expanding the size. When properly crafted, an adult Halloween costume literally rises to the level of a work of art. Now, doesn’t that sound like an exciting costume to wear?

Release Your Inner Creativity: An Adults How To Manual

Creativity. What exactly is it? Where does it come from? Is it diving inspiration? Or does a synapse go off in some part of our left brain hemisphere that essentially says, “aha!”

Humans, as a species are naturally curious, driven, and innovative. But what happens as we become adults and matriculate into the greater world? Take on careers, families, responsibilities. Life seems to become for lack of a better word, humdrum. The quirky ideas, inspirations, and insights we had as children or young adolescents gets downgraded and filed back into the nether regions of our grey matter and we just seem to accept it as the way things ought to be. Does it REALLY have to be this way? I say emphatically, “No!” and “Know!”

Society for all its good intentions really likes to pigeon hole humans into rote classifications. It’s just easier and makes the most sense. Thinking outside of the box and noncomforming makes everything a bit messy. So, that’s what we do mostly as responsible adults. We Conform. We forget about what it was that made us get up every morning when we were in school and made us excited. We forget that as children we would play all day long and create these worlds where anything seemed possible! Where our dreams and lives of the future were only limited by our imaginations.

I distinctly remember that as a boy of 12 or 13, my friend and I would spend countless hours creating elaborate adventures that took place in a backyard or side alley. In retrospect, I remember feeling so exhilarated from our creative exploits. I think from time to time, what happened to that feeling of unstoppability. Was my need to grow up and be responsible a by product of age or maturity? Or did I just get the cue from society and step into line?

As a creative Coach today, a lot of my adult students come to me desperately wanting to escape this wall or box that they have built around themselves. Many of them hold onto this idea that it is so crucial to keep this mature mask on when in public. And, I say in some respects we do have many different personas and masks that we must present in the greater world. However, the real problem lies in many adults wearing their public masks and personas so often that it is who they become. They get lost in a role and then that same role loses them. The real them. The person they were as a child or young adolescent.

Creative play for adults is just as important as it is for children. The same socialization skills and interactions that are learned by a child are very much the same among adults. In many of my classes, workshops and seminars, I spend a great deal of the first few classes trying to deconstruct people’s ideas about the rules of being a responsible adult and teach them to recognize the creative creature that is begging to break free. Once people recognize that expressing and or tapping into a creative force or energy (one I feel that every single human being has the capabilty to do) is within their grasp they simply need to just take a hold of it and let it do its thing!

Its amazing the clarity that comes to a person once they grab hold of their creative mojo. I’ve had many students tell me that they feel like they can create or conquer anything. People feel a true sense of inspiration and purpose. I, myself, when tapping into my creative juices can feel this sense of child-like wonder and a sense of freedom that I CAN create my own world!

But, how does one feel this creativity? What’s the secret? The magic potion? All of my students always seem to wait with baited breath when this question comes up in a class or workshop. I always smile and simply say, “There’s no secret. Only you and your environment. That really is the whole trick. To allow yourself the time, patience and desire to revel in your own creative energy field. Creative exercises that we do in my classes help with this. But, the real trick is your own environment. What is going on around you? Who are you socializing with? What is that little voice in your head telling you every minute of the day? Once these items are addressed, you can dip into you energy reserves any second of any day.

Some don’t belief it when I tell them that place, objects and people all have negative energy. It you are not able to recognize the negativity of a place or building or apt or person, than those with creative energy blocks may be falling victim to their environment and social circles.

Taking stock and learning what it is that feeds your soul and lifts you up will allow you the wisdom to change a negative environment or social situation, in turn helping you tap into a wealth of creative mojo!

I hate being cold during the winter months, anytime for that matter! In particular, I find that my feet end up like blocks of ice unless I wear two pair of socks, and on top of that if I continue to breathe in cold air all night, I often wake up feeling congested and with a mild sore throat. I don’t like having the bedroom too warm while I sleep, so getting a cold head is something that I just have to deal with. Or it was.

When I first discovered footed pajamas for adults, I thought “you must be crazy. I won’t be seen dead in those”. In hindsight, that was foolish of me, as no-one besides family would have seen me in them anyway. Now I am of the age where being warm takes precedence over how I look. Footed pajamas have traditionally been something cute for kids and babies to wear, and not something that you would imagine an adult wearing, but famous people wear them, and now so do I.

I don’t just wear footed pajamas. The ones I wear have a drawstring hood to keep my head warm, zip off feet with non-skid grips on the bottoms, a long zip so I can get in and out of them easily, wrist cuffs with thumb holes in them so I can pull the cuffs down over my hands, and are made of the softest, warmest, thickest micro-fleece you can imagine. Talk about warm and snuggly! I absolutely love these hooded footie pajamas for adults and I am pretty sure that once you have tried them, you will love them too. No more having a cold head, or worse still, cold feet!